The Trouble with Billy

THE TROUBLE with BILLY-Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel is something used in the TV industry which demonstrates the flavor and concept for a TV series. Sizzle reels are usually fairly short, between 3 min and 8 min. Sizzle reels will never air on TV. It’s basically a visual treatment which is done for a relatively low budget. This short clip was done for ZERO dollars with help from my friends. I am starting a kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that I can shoot a proper 22 minute pilot. I am working on the re write of script now and I am posting scenes under the menu button “Script”. I need money, at least 15,000 dollars to hire a real crew, editor, cameras, lights and sound equipment, actors, like Eric Roberts, Betty White etc. If I raise more money, over and above the $15,000, that money will go into the budget and increase the production value! If I raise $30,000 ¬†or more I will be able to shoot a 44 page script- a one hour pilot which could be broken down into TWO TV episodes or 11 four minute webisodes. The show will be shot in Hi-Definition on two cameras and will be edited by a seasoned TV pro. We have planned and budgeted a nine day shoot. So we have given ourselves ample time to deliver a ready for broadcast pilot that will exceed expectations. The more money we raise will go directly into the production and in fact will add pages to the TV pilot or I have an 88 page rough draft of a script for TTwB. ¬†Broken down into episodes that would be four episodes and I’m still writing!

I hope you will explore this website via the menu buttons above so that you will get a feel for the show and my experience and abilities as an actor in carrying this show. I’ve been working in Los Angeles and New York City in this business for over 25 years. I have built a lot of relationships and I’ve worked with a lot of very talented people, both in front of the camera and behind the camera. These people are professionals and while I could ask them to do me a favor and work for free, I’d rather show them the respect they deserve and pay them something as a token of my appreciation.